Best Monitor For RTX 3080

Best Monitor For RTX 3080

If you like to keep yourself updated about the gaming world, then you might be familiar with the RTX 3080 which is one of the newest Nvidia GPUs in the market right now! This GPU provides the most intense gaming experience but to properly reap all its benefits, the most important thing you need is an impressive monitor.

If you’re confused about this, today’s review has you covered! For any great monitor meant for gaming, you will need to commit to one with amazing pixels and for the RTX 3080, anywhere between 1440p to 144Hz should be good for a monitor. To truly push the limitations of this GPU and to get the best 4K gaming experience, here are our 4 top picks for the best monitor for RTX 3080.

My Top Pick:

Our top pick for the best monitor for RTX 3080 is the BenQ 28 inch 4K Monitor which is of course a 4K monitor that offers impressive eye care features for long-term comfort. In case you need more information, we’d recommend you go over the reviews below.

Best Monitor For RTX 3080

1Asus TUF Gaming 27-inch Monitor● High Dynamic Range Check Price
2BenQ 28 inch 4K Monitor● Integrated Cable Management System Check Price
3LG 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor● Dynamic Action Sync Check Price
4Acer Predator XB273K Monitor● 144Hz Refresh Rate Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Asus TUF Gaming 27-inch Monitor

For our first product meant for the best monitor for RTX 3080, we present the Asus TUF Gaming 27-inch Monitor and one of the coolest features of this monitor meant for high-performance GPUs is that it comes with a lot of connectivity options. This means that you will be able to connect to quite a few multimedia devices including DisplayPort1.2 and HDMI 2.0.

Other than this, there is also a useful ROG Bezel-Free Kit which will allow users to easily work with and set up multi-monitor setups. This is beneficial because it means you won’t have to be distracted by bezels and you will get an immersive experience. Thanks to the screens appearing as one larger unit as it works to eliminate any gaps.

Another cool feature in this device is the TUF Gaming 165Hz refresh rate which allows gamers to play at the highest settings without any lag or motion blur. The fact that this refresh rate works so fast means that users can react faster to what is going on whether it is real-time, racing, or first-person shooter games.

As an avid gamer is familiar, eye strain and fatigue can be ruthless so thanks to the inclusion of the ASUS Eye Care technology, this is minimized. There is also a cool ergonomic stand that comes loaded with a ton of comfort features including pivot adjustments, tilt, swivel, and much more so you can sit and play comfortably.

Finally, this product comes with complete compatibility with HDR10 which is the High Dynamic Range feature and this allows users to get the perfect brightness levels and color intensity that they need to get a superior gaming experience.

  • ROG Bezel-Free Kit
  • Tons of connectivity options
  • ASUS eye care technology
  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Not as durable

2.) BenQ 28 inch 4K Monitor 

The BenQ 28 inch 4K Monitor is an impressive HD and 4K enabled monitor which is 28-inches wide and also offers exceptional eye care safety features. This is all thanks to their innovative Intelligence Adaptive technology which is meant to keep a tab on the brightness of the screen to a comfortable intensity.

It filters out low Blue light and there is also a zero flicker technology included which reduces eye strain and fatigue. This means that you can play your gaming marathons non-stop without any strain or aches. With zero flickers, there is an enhanced reduction in the glare that you usually see on screen, and that happens because the monitor’s pixels cannot handle the graphics, however, this won’t be a problem with the BenQ.

Other than this, thanks to the addition of the AMD Free Sync, users will be able to get the best visual experience with practically no tearing onscreen and no broken frames which can affect your gameplay. With the impressive performance of the HDR technology, you can manage both contrast and brightness to get the perfect visual experience per your needs.

The display is capable of producing around 1. 07 billion colors, but it is the connectivity features that have us hooked! With both DisplayPort and HDMI input ports, you can connect your monitor to a wide range of devices for a seamless connection.

We discussed how the BenQ is amazing visually, however for an equally immersive audio experience, this device comes with 2 built-in speakers and a headphone jack for greater connectivity. Thanks to the cool integrated cable management system, all of your cables and wires will be neatly adjusted within the stand so there is no mess. Finally, there is also a VESA wall mount in case you want to set it up like that.

  • 2 built-in speakers
  • VESA wall mount
  • Connectivity features
  • AMD Free Sync
  • HDR technology
  • Intelligence Adaptive technology
  • Integrated cable management system
  • No warranty

3.) LG 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor 

Next, we have the LG 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor and this device is excellent for the RTX 3080 GPU thanks to its phenomenal QHD clarity. Not only does it come with a high-quality resolution, but the 32-inch screen size ensures that you get the most immersive gaming experience yet! If you are fed up with the lag, screen tearing, and stuttering of any kind, you can rely on the Radeon FreeSync.

This also leads to a seamless and ultra-quick refresh rate of about 144Hz which means that users can get more clarity in their gaming activities. The visuals and pixels will be smoother and you will be able to enhance your overall gaming performance as well. However, the real reason behind this high level of immersion is actually due to the screen being curved. This allows for a wide-angle viewing range and an optimized experience.

To accentuate this even further, the bezels on this device are ultra-thin and situated on all 3 sides of this display. This means that you get a practically borderless monitor so there is no distraction and disruption in your gameplay. This also makes it much easier to set up multiple monitors as there will be practically no gap between them.

However, what truly makes this the best monitor for RTX 3080, has to be the advanced gaming Dynamic action sync which aims to streamline the movement on your screen and there is also a black stabilizer that adjusts the contrast in a way that highlights darker areas on the screen.

  • 32-inch screen
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Radeon FreeSync
  • 3 sided ultra-thin bezel
  • Dynamic action sync
  • Curved screen
  • None really

4.) Acer Predator XB273K Monitor

Finally, for today’s review of the best monitor for RTX 3080, we have the Acer Predator XB273K Monitor which provides viewers with the best color quality and reproduction thanks to the inclusion of the DisplayHDR 400 feature which works to adjust the color accuracy and contrast of the monitor.

With both an Ultra HD display with an incredible 4K resolution, you can expect nothing but the most high-quality performance from this device. The screen itself is 27-inches and thanks to the inclusion of an IPS panel, users will be able to keep up with ultra-fast GPUs and provide an impressive refresh rate of 144 Hz which is helped by the fact that it also includes the Nvidia G-Sync Technology.

This allows for an immersive and extraordinary gameplay experience that cannot be replicated! That’s not all with this Acer monitor as you will also reap the benefits from its extensive eye care features. This includes their premium flicker-less display which bit only cuts down the presence of glare on the screen but also has a special filter for blue light which is what produces strain on the eyes.

One of the most important features for any monitor should be its comfortability and this monitor has it all! With the addition of a shielding hood, gamers can keep their eyes on the game as it minimizes distractions of all kinds. Users also get to experience a more immersive gameplay thanks to the more accurate color representation.

Speaking of ergonomic features, this is a monitor that comes with an innovative ErgoStand design that allows you to keep moving around so that you are not stuck in one position for too long. This means you can adjust the height of the monitor but also that you can swivel, tilt, and pivot it as per your preference. Finally, there is also the Acer VisionCare which will ensure there is reduced strain and fatigue on your eyes especially if you enjoy gaming marathons.

  • 4k resolution
  • Nvidia g-sync technology
  • IPS panel
  • DisplayHDR 400
  • Ergo stand
  • Acer vision care
  • Flicker-less display
  • 144hz refresh rate
  • None really

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