Best Laptop For Zoom Conferencing

Best Laptop For Zoom Conferencing

Looking for the best laptop for zoom conferencing? This is the right place.

Zoom video conferencing demand has been increased from time to time and it is one of the most professional ways to do business meetings, interact with your tutor, do group calls, get training sessions and webinars. 

Online business has become very popular, worldwide trades are common now, traders import and export their goods to greater distances, so to handle these long-distance contracts, one needs to do an online meeting with their clients and customers.

Moreover, if you are into your school and college, you will be taking online classes because sometimes circumstances do not allow physical classes to be held.

If you are apart from your family for business, study, or work purposes video calling is the best way to have perfect family time together 

To do so, you should have a type of laptop that is perfect for taking long-term meetings, good video conferencing with a high-quality sound experience.

To choose the best laptop for zoom video conferencing you should know about the basic requirements that will be needed to have a good quality experience. These areas follow:

  • Good webcam
  • High-quality speakers 
  • Good quality built-in microphone 
  • Should be lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Long battery life 

If we talk about its technical properties then you should keep these specifications in mind:

  • Ram not less than 8 GB, this is for multitasking and other heavy tasks. But if you will only be doing zoom conferences and have a low budget on buying a laptop then 4 GB will not be a bad deal for only zoom meetings.
  • SSD 128 , 512 to 1TB

Best Laptop For Zoom Conferencing

1. Dell Inspiron

Dell InspironDell Inspiron is considered the best gaming laptop so from this point we can conclude that it is a highly powerful laptop that can support multitasking and havier tasks efficiently. You can do multiple tasks at a time and can use different applications, the laptop’s performance will not slow down. Dell Inspiron has really good sound quality with Maxx Audio which makes it perfect for zoom video conferencing because you have to focus on every single word while meeting so it should come clear and accurate.

 Sometimes you are doing zoom meetings to see a product live with details, this is why you need a high-quality display of your laptop to see the product clearly. So Dell Inspiron has a large screen display of 15.6 inches with high resolution which will maximize your views with great clarity.

One of the most important features to consider when choosing a laptop is its battery life. During an online meeting, you are much focused and would not like an interruption of low battery sign because doing so you will lose your focus. Moreover, sometimes you are outdoor doing zoom conferencing so battery life should be longer. DELL INSPIRON has a good battery life of 8 hours on average and it is enough for long office meetings. It comes with good camera quality to work in the best way possible.


    • RAM 8 GB  up to 32 GB
    • SSD1 TB 
    • Processor Intel quad-core i5-7300 HQ
  • Long battery life
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Good quality camera
  • The sound quality is good
  • Provides large display
  • It is not very lightweight


MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOPMicrosoft surface laptop is one of the best laptops for zoom conferencing.  Its most impressive feature is its battery life of 14.5 hours. This means a whole day without charging. As an attendee, you have to rush from meetings to meetings and you remain busy the whole day, this routine requires a long-lasting battery of your laptop. So this feature is a good advantage for you.

If you do not spend a lot of money on devices then this laptop is the best choice for you because it is an affordable one. Being affordable it is providing you all the important properties required for zoom conferencing.

Moreover, it is designed attractively sleek and slim, easy to carry, and highly portable.

It has a great quality display of 13.5 inches that responds to your touch. The touchscreen display is always a beneficial and the most interesting feature of some laptops that enhances productivity and performance of a laptop.

Another impressive feature of the Microsoft surface laptop is that it has its surface arc mouse which is designed to comfort your hands and is slim and very lightweight.

For online video streaming and zoom video meeting your laptop should have the best quality audio and speakers. To have these features you must choose a Microsoft surface laptop because it has good quality built-in microphones and amazing sound quality.


    • RAM 8 GB
    • SSD 128 GB
    • Processor Intel Core i5
  • Slim and beautiful design
  • Surface arc mouse
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good quality built-in microphones and good sound quality.
  • It will not cost you a lot of money
  • Touchscreen display
  • HD quality camera
  • USB  C type slot is not available 

3. Lg Gram

Lg GramAnother high-quality laptop for zoom conferencing is the LG GRAM laptop. This laptop comes with an amazing battery life of up to 21 hours and this is truly unbelievable. You can use your laptop for a long time without any disturbance.

Moreover, for a professional business meeting, your laptop should have a full HD (high definition) display that shows you the clearest and vivid images. LG GRAM  has a perfect display for work and play. The display size is 15.6 inches providing greater space for multitasking and effective video conference.

It has rich sound quality and you can have a cinematic sound experience with or without headphones. Your sound quality plays an important role in zoom video conferencing because via this you will be conveying your messages to your colleagues, students, and other attendees. So make sure to choose a laptop that has good quality speakers. If we talk about a webcam then it has an HD quality camera giving the best image view to your audience.

LG GRAM  has a fingerprint reader that secures and protects your information easily by just using a password.

If you work late at night then LG gram has another good offer for you. It has a backlit keyboard that illuminates good light to help you work in dark.


    • RAM 8GB 
    • SSD 512 GB
    • PROCESSOR Intel 10th gen core i5

8 GB ram is a good storage option in which you can store your important business files, documents, and pdfs easily. After saving multiple files you need to have a good SSD that maximizes the speed of your laptop so 512 GB SSD is good enough to maximize speed and power efficiency.

  • Good quality speakers
  • Good microphone
  • Enough storage capacity
  • Good quality display
  • Impressive battery life
  • Not recommended for gaming purposes

4. Acer chrome book 14

Acer chrome book 14Acer chrome book 14 is a highly affordable laptop. It will not cost you a sufficient amount of money. If you are low on budget but still want to choose a laptop that has all of the properties for good zoom video conferencing then Acer Chrome Book is the best option for you. It comes with built-in virus protection and it updates automatically. This feature is good for the high-quality performance of a laptop. Moreover, it stays faster and keeps high speed over time. You can get access to more than 2 million android apps from GOOGLE PLAY STORE. It’s allowing you to run your favorite Google apps and access your music videos and documents easily.

It has a long battery life of up to 12 hours. Acer chrome book is designed attractive and beautiful, it is made up of 100% metal. 100% aluminum gives it a calm and firm impression. It is ultra-thin and will be easily fit in your purse, shoulder bag, and briefcase. You can easily carry it to the office, meetings, and for traveling purposes.

Its 14 inches screen gives us a Full HD experience and shows off 41 % more pixels than an HD display. This feature makes videos, pictures, games, and presentations more clear and sharper.

For high-quality zoom video conferencing it provides you 3x faster wireless performance with dual-band MIMO technology as good Wi-Fi performance is crucial to have undisturbed video calling.

ACER CHROME BOOK 14 has the best quality camera to make the picture clear for people you are talking to. They will see you more clearly and also what you are showing them.


    • RAM 8 GB
    • Processor Intel Core i3-6100U
  • Great battery life
  • Best quality camera
  • Dual-band MIMO technology
  • 41% more pixels than an HD display
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Budget-friendly laptop
  • Built-in virus protection and updates automatically
  • Great access to play store apps
  • ACER CHROME BOOK 14 does not run windows 10

5. Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook AirApple MacBook air perfectly fulfills the requirements for zoom video conferencing. The M1 chip makes it fast and powerful with unbelievable energy efficiency. Your all apps and software will get the power they need for fast and effective running. Moreover, you can use your iPhone and iPad apps on it.  You can have access to the biggest collection of apps.

It has a built-in cooling pad that does not let your laptop heated up and then slower gradually.  Instead, it cools down automatically whenever it gets heated up and your device ensures it works faster in the best way possible.

An important feature to consider when buying and choosing a laptop is its battery life. APPLE MACBOOK AIR has the best battery life of up to 20 hours. 

If we talk about its camera then apple MacBook air has APPLE’S latest image signal processor that improves image quality in a video to have a fantastic video calling experience. Its face-time HD camera will let you look best because it adjusts light automatically by making darker areas lighter and bright. It adjusts white balance to show natural-looking skin tones and let you feel more comfortable in front of your colleagues.  You can do meetings more effectively with its good webcam quality. APPLE MACBOOK AIR’s studio-quality speakers will let everyone hear you more loudly and clearly because it is as important as a battery of a laptop, without this you will not be able to convey your message effectively and properly.

APPLE MACBOOK AIR has a magic keyboard with a responsive, comfortable, quiet, and easy typing experience. It has a touch id that provides you fast and easy authentication to log in securely and lets you save your important files and documents just behind a password.

It has true tone technology and a retina display of 13 inches. The screen shows clear and sharp images.


    • RAM 8 GB 
    • SSD 256 GB
    • Processor APPLE M1 CHIP
  • Latest image signal processor
  • Impressive battery life
  • Built-in cooling pad
  • Face time HD camera
  • Smooth and comfortable keyboard
  • Studio quality speakers
  • High-quality processor
  • You can use your iPhone and iPad apps on it
  • Built-in high-speed SSD drive
  • Expensive


ACER SWIFT 5Acer Swift 5 is extremely lightweight, slim, and can be easily carried anywhere. It has a backlit keyboard that lets you do your assignments, tasks, and office work even at night time much more efficiently. Acer swift has a fingerprint reader to protect your information. It has a good touch screen display of 15.6 inches which provides good image quality with a high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The touch screen display is always interesting and providing you ease of use.

It has an HD built-in camera which captures good and better video. Hence providing you an excellent video quality experience.

For receiving crystal clear voice quality and to send good sound Acer swift has two stereo speakers available. Two stereo speakers provide the best audio quality.

Now let’s talk about the most important feature, its battery life is 10 hours which is enough for you to join multiple business meetings or do chatting without charging it.

Moreover, it is a good laptop having extra storage of 16 GB which allows you to store your information, heavy files, heavy documents, notes, spreadsheets, and business record files easily without slowing down your setup.

All these properties make ACER SWIFT an ideal choice for convenient video conferencing.


    • RAM 16 GB
    • SSD 512 GB
    • Processor Intel quad-core i7-8565U
  • Stylish and sleek
  • On budget laptop
  • Lightweight design
  • Large Ram
  • Ultra-fast SSD
  • High-quality audio
  • Full HD quality camera
  • Best quality display
  • No built-in SD card reader


LENOVO THINKPAD P1Lenovo thinks pad p1 has a good camera with Think shutter privacy. This privacy keeps your camera off and keeps your business private. Its good quality camera gives you a great video calling experience. It has a great and antiglare display of 15.6 inches with the best resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Hence it is easy on the eyes and great to use a laptop.

Its long battery life of 15 hours plays an important role in the performance of a laptop. It becomes fully charged within less time so you don’t have to wait for a long time charging it.

Up to 16 GB of RAM is perfect for a business holder to store its important data and records. Moreover, it has a high-speed SSD of 512 GB.

Keeping these properties in mind this laptop is made up of using the best components necessary to use zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing apps providing a good audio system.


    • RAM 16 GB 
    • SSD 512 GB 
    • PROCESSOR Intel 10th quad-core i5-1021OU
  • Long battery life
  • Perfect RAM
  • Good camera
  • Good audio system
  • Reliable and durable
  • No backlit keyboard


ACER CHROME BOOK R 11This chrome book is a high-quality laptop to do professional video conferencing much more effectively.

It comes with amazing features. It has a multi-touchscreen display with high brightness and has dual properties, which can be used as a tablet and a laptop depending on your choice. Having 360-degree rotation, It can be rotated to your desired position.

ACER CHROME BOOK has two stereo speakers to provide you an excellent audible sound. It is perfect for having long office meetings via zoom with ease.

It has a good keyboard with led backlight support.  Has a battery life of 10 hours. ACER CHROME BOOK gets charged easily in a shorter time which makes it the perfect choice for people having really busy routines. It consists of Google chrome operating system and an HD camera.

If you want to buy a laptop on a budget then you should choose this chrome book. It has a slim and beautiful design. You can carry it easily from home to office and office to home.

It comes with an Intel HD graphics card. This card will show you pictures more clearly during online video streaming. An additional feature is you can get access to thousands of android apps and millions of apps available on the Google play store easily.


    • RAM 4 GB with flash memory of 32 GB.
    • PROCESSOR ( CPU) N3150
  • Great graphic card
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Multi touch screen
  • 360-degree hinge
  • HQ audio system
  • Affordable laptop
  • Little bit heavy


MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK 2MICROSOFT is well-known and most certainly is an extremely strong brand. MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK 2 has its display designed for touch and surface pen. These are fantastic features of a laptop. Surface pen increases the productivity and performance of a laptop. One can do his work more speedily with the use of a surface pen. The surface pen provides the most natural drawing and writing experience and additionally it has tilt support for shading. You can tilt it to make shading easily. The touch screen mode is highly advantageous it lets you do your work with ease and comfort.

Microsoft surface book 2 has 4 phases of use. You can use it as a laptop, tablet, fold it properly to have studio mode, and detach it to see movies and play games.

It is the best quality laptop and a powerful tablet. The best thing about Microsoft surface book 2 is you can detach it by push of a button easily and it will be perfect for watching movies and playing video games.

Its studio mode will allow you to draw and sketch in the most comfortable position.

Microsoft surface book 2 has the best graphics performance and will let you see more clearly. It has an impressive display of 15 inches with distinct and sharp views. If we talk about its battery then it has up to 17 hours of video playback. Moreover, it has a great built-in camera and a well-built microphone.

All of these properties make Microsoft surface book 2 one of the best laptops and an excellent option for zoom conferences.


    • RAM16 GB 
    • SSD 1 TB
    • Processor Intel Core i7
  • A good option for zoom video communication
  • Enough storage facility
  • Well-built processor
  • Detachable property
  • Can be used as a laptop and tablet
  • Very sleek and bezel design
  • The front camera is good
  • Pricey laptop

10. DELL XPS 13

DELL XPS 13Dell XPS 13 provides safe and quick log-in by the touchpad and it comes with the best combination of qualities which makes it a good laptop for zoom video calling. It is very slim in design and a portable device. Dell XPS 13 has excellent built-in speakers with Maxx Audio Pro. You can do your zoom conferencing by hearing clear and accurate words.

It has a touch screen display of 13.3 inches with a full HD view. Moreover, it has a backlit keyboard to provide illumination. So you can work easily in dark.

It is not a very pricey nor too cheap laptop, you can have it for a moderate amount of money. 


    • RAM 8GB
    • SSD 256 GB
    • Processor 1OTH GEN Intel i5-10210U
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Touch screen display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Excellent graphic quality
  • Maxx audio pro speakers
  • USB c port is not available

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